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Year of birth: 2014

Home town: Pirkkala

Club: Pirka ry

Team: Team Ylinen

2022 / Micro:

- Micro Flying Finn CUP:  2.

- Selected as driver of the year and a new comer of the year in Micro category by Pirka ry

2021 / Cadet:

- 18 starts

- 1 x win, 9 x podium

- Kartingliitto series: 4.


2020 / Cadet:

- 14 starts

- 2 podiums

- Area championship: 4.



Year of birth: 2014

Home town: Pirkkala

Club: Pirka ry

Team: Team Ylinen


2021 / Cadet:

- 17 starts

- 3 x win, 8 x podium

- Kartingliitto series: 6.

- Area championship 2.

- Area champions´

" Race of Champions”: 5.

- Pirka ry selected as the best karting driver of 2021 in the Cadet category


2020 / Cadet:

- 15 starts

- 2 podiums

- Area championship: 2.

- Area champions´

" Race of Champions”: 12.

Team Ylinen is a karting team of twin boys, Joona & Niklas. The boys started karting at the age of 4 in 2018. After two sessions, the boys insisted on having their own karts and the hobby became more active. The brothers started racing in 2020 in the Cadet category when the required age, 6 years, was reached.


Their long-term goals are set at the highest level of motorsport. The boys' dream is, of course, Formula 1 or some other series where they can race professionally. The motivation to train is high and the desire to learn new things and become faster is strong. Together with the whole family and partners, we are building towards this goal one step at a time.


In 2023, boys have been driven the Raket Flying Finn SJM Micro CUP series. The goal is to achieve success in the series and to develop as a driver in many areas.

"The best part is when you get to race and then play with your racing mates in the pit"

Joona & Niklas


13 - 14.5.2023    Flying Finn Raket SJM Kimi Circuit, Lappeenranta

20 - 21.5.2023    Double race Monako FK, Vammala

27 - 28.5.2023   Flying Finn Raket SJM Pitkämäki karting track, Vaasa

17 - 18.6.2023    Flying Finn Raket SJM Lentola Karting Park, Kangasala

8 - 9.7.2023    Flying Finn Raket SJM Töysä Karting track, Töysä

30.07.2023    Flying Finn Raket SJM Jämsä karting track, Jämsä

13.08.2023    Flying Finn Raket SJM Monako FK, Vammala

03.09.2023    Area Championship, Lentola Karting Park, Kangasala


Without partners, competing in karting would be challenging. As drivers move up to bigger classes, the season budget increases. We are actively looking for new partners. We are able to offer double visibility with two drivers. Join us to support Joona and Niklas. You'll be able to dive into the secrets of motorsport from the ringside seats. Get in touch! Even a small support matters.

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Team Ylinen / Jarno Ylinen

tel. +358 440 300 475

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